The Best Starbucks Coffee Around

Last summer my babysitter Desi sent me a picture from Pinterest and said my daughter, Adley,  JUST HAD to be a Starbucks coffee for Halloween.  Literally, just two nights ago, my super uber duper talented mom (LINDA!!) put this adorable costume together for my little girl! (I did the Starbucks logos...I wasn't completely useless!) I had about two minutes to snap some pictures of Adley before she was DONE and wanted to go play (I'm hoping to get more tomorrow! fingers crossed!) You could most definitely do this costume with just felt and no sewing (hello glue gun and burnt fingertips!), but my mom did use her good ole sewing machine to make it pattern used, just a picture from Pinterest and some imagination (the green straw is a toilet paper roll with felt glued to it).  So....for Halloween, I will be walking around with the best (and cutest) cup of coffee ever!

I'll take mine decaf with nonfat milk and carmel syrup please! Of course I had to jump in as a barista!

Doug and Robin | Indianapolis, IN Wedding Photography

Doug and Robin had a wonderful (at times crazy!) wedding a few short weeks ago. There were a few hiccups in the Robin's dad's pants being way too BIG and SHORT....and her brother's pants being left at the hotel, which pushed the start time of the wedding back a bit...but oh the memories!! Luckily, Robin had a wonderful Aunt Janet, a super woman maid of honor, Katie, and an  "Aunt" Linda  (better known as my mom) who helped save the day!  The ceremony was gorgeous....they walked out of the church and got into an old family car (what a beauty it was!) and then headed around Indy to take the rest of the pictures. It was a fun, memorable day and I wish Doug and Robin the best as they start their lives as husband and wife!!

This next picture cracks me up.  Katie, the maid of honor, was getting a bit stressed as it was about time to leave for the church and Robin was still getting her hair done....
And here are Robin's dad's famous pants!! Sorry Mark, I won't let you live this one's too funny. 

Brad and Michele | Pokagon State Park, Indiana Engagement Photography

I met up with Michele and Brad at Pokagon State Park in Indiana for their engagement session. We had fun walking around the beautiful woods and beach, snapping pictures as we went....they even brought their cute, spunky dog along to be included in some of the pictures! These guys are so sweet together, I'm totally pumped to be shooting their wedding next year!

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