The Swager Family | Fort Wayne, IN Photography

When I decided to focus my photography on mainly weddings, engagements, and seniors, that meant I had to turn away a ton of families that I've grown to love....families that I've photographed since their wedding and the birth of their about a guilt trip when I can't take their pictures!! But sometimes, I just can't say no...and one of those times was with the Swagers.  I looovvveee the Swagers, they just melt my heart. I want to put them in my back pocket and keep them with me. They are so sweet, kind, and funny...not to mention stylish. Seriously...what adult can pull off a tutu the way this mom does?!! 

Brandon and Kyleigh | Fort Wayne, IN Wedding Photography

Brandon and Kyleigh had a perfect wedding day.  I was greeted with open arms at Kyleigh's parent's house (where I may have eaten the best chicken salad ever....just saying) as Kyleigh and her closest friends got ready for the day her and Brandon had been waiting for. Everything went smoothly, Kyleigh and Brandon looked amazing, but more importantly they vowed to spend the rest of their lives together...supporting one another, loving one another, listening to one another, and being a support for one another. God is good! 

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