John and Kate | Benton Harbor, Michigan Wedding Photography

Kate is such a sweet little thing, so very gentle and always has a smile on her face.  John would give you the shirt off of his back if you needed it, and always makes sure you are ok.....I couldn't be more thankful for them as clients. Their Michigan wedding was held at a quaint vineyard called 12 Corners. They were surrounded by close family and friends for an intimate ceremony and then had a wonderful reception....seriously, people didn't want to go home (I'm pretty sure they had to be kicked out....gently of course!).  Although the day was extremely warm (I'm talking dripping sweat for me at times), everyone was in good spirits, never complained...and looked darn good in their pictures! Take a look at their wedding day and I'm sure you will agree....

These images were taken close to 11pm outside in the dark....the night sky gave us a great black background!

Charles and Ashlyn | Fort Wayne, IN Wedding Photography

Ashlyn and Charles are one of my favorite couples, they smile non-stop and are genuinely kind and loving. Their wedding day went smoothly, everyone was a joy to work with, and Ashlyn's gorgeous blue eyes made me swoon. The only hiccup was when my sandal broke at the one noticed except for my assistant (who couldn't stop laughing) and the dj, who offered me some huge crocks to wear. It wasn't anything a safety pin and a little foot dragging couldn't fix! (and yes, I thought I packed extra shoes, but never grabbed them off of the table before I left)....I digress....I love the way Charles can just pick up Ashlyn and swing her around, how his arms can wrap around her entire body...they simply fit together perfectly!

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