card designs

I'm in the process of beginning to offer card design for just about anything. Here are a few examples of some birth announcements of baby Azlyn and a 5x5 tri-fold card of my boys.  (it's hard to imagine the card folded, but it looks super cute!)  There will be quite a few size variations and card stock options as well.  

This would be the outside or backside of the card, with the "Brothers" picture being the front of the card

And this would be the inside of the card... I can't wait to order them and pass them out!


  1. How much are these.. I might do somthing like this for Christmas this year instead of doing it myself....

  2. I haven't quite figured out the pricing yet. Right now I've been designing cards in 4x6 and 5x7 cards, so you can print them anywhere just like a normal picture (and I just charge a design fee). But, I'm going to offer the cards from my lab which will have more card stock options and different sizes, so the prices will be quite different. The trifold cards are the most expensive (around three- four dollars a card). So, I want to have a few price options, because I know that is a bit pricy...but they sure are awesome!


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