Vince and Amber

Vince and Amber were so cute together! The weather was amazing, a perfect crisp fall day with just the right amount of sunshine! They had a huge wedding party (all of them were so caring and sweet...loved them!) The ceremony was beautiful and then we were off to an elegant reception. {October 10, 2009}

just loved her sandals!

isn't she gorgeous?!

look at the lashes on her sweet little flower girl!

getting crazy with the wedding party!

Vince even brewed several varieties of beer for the reception!

I just love father-daughter dances....this one makes me teary eyed

some pics of the rockin band, "Final Notice"

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  1. OMG Nicole! Your stuff is looking so good! I am happy to see that you have a blog! (This is your husband's cousin from Iowa by the way!) I look forward to seeing more of your stuff!!


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