The Daultons! | Ohio family photography

Nineteen months ago, Connor and Callie were born and I was blessed to take their pictures when they were teeny tiny. Well, here they are again!...they sure have gotten big and oh so cute!! Little Callie was a hoot, I just loved her faces; she has the prettiest eyes ever. And little Connor was adorable, could twins get any cuter?? Don't forget big brother Corbin, with his sweet smile and gorgeous blue eyes! Thank you Daultons for letting me capture your children's personalities! {April 5, 2010}

here's the twins as infants

and here's little miss Callie now!

and sweet Connor....

look at those eyelashes!!

I just love this face!

and big brother Corbin..

we tried to get Connor in this shot, but he wasn't having it!

and here's the happy family!!

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