One couch, two families! | Indiana Family Photography

Meet Cindy and Cristal's families! My lovely friend, Cindy, has an amazing setting for pictures. A while back, we had planned taking pictures when her apple trees were in blossom, and boy did it turn out beautiful! I borrowed a magnificent couch from my wonderful Aunt Laura, and I photographed the sessions back to back. The first pictures are of Cindy and her cute family.

three rowdy boys! (reminds me of my three)

oohhh, I love it!

Meet Cristal's family!

and her three boys!!

wow, hot momma!

I had a great time, and I wish I could have taken more families there, but there were terrible rains the next few days which washed away all of the blooms (bummer..) Hopefully next year, I'll be able to catch them at the right time again. Thank you Cindy for letting me use your property, you are awesome!! (the post after this one (Landin) was photographed there too!)

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