The Red Chair | Bowling Green, OH family photography

Last Saturday I went to visit my best bud Gretchen and her family in Bowling Green, OH. Gretchen was my maid of honor in my wedding (almost eight years ago!) and we try and get together a few times a year. This time I took pics of her family, her brother's family, and her brother-in-laws family....Gretchen's daughter, Claire was cutting teeth and running a fever, and Landon wanted nothing to do with pictures. So, needless to say, the kids weren't quite themselves, but we managed to get a few. This first picture is my favorite! Landon stopped just long enough for me to take it...he's such a character, I just love him to pieces!

I had been wanting to take their red chair outside for a long time and finally got to do it!!

my buddy and her awesome husband, Matt!

really, do we have to be here?!

Matt's brother and his son joined in for a few

his lovely family!

gotta love kids!!

Here's Gretchen's brother's sweet!

Avery and his beautiful momma!

love those eyes!

this little piggy went to market...


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