Cody and Stacey say "I do"! | Indiana Wedding Photography

I just love Cody and Stacey, they are simply awesome! It was wonderful to be a part of their special day. Stacey was simply gorgeous and her gown was stunning; and Cody was hilarious, always smiling! It wasn't supposed to rain, but wouldn't you know when we went outside after the wedding to take pictures, the clouds opened up and down came the water drops! We didn't have much time (because we didn't want to get too wet), but I'm kinda glad it did rain, because I love the umbrella pics!! Congrats you two!! {May 15, 2010}

Cody's brother had to help him with his shirt sweet!

and it wouldn't be a wedding without a little card game!

I know this is a bit cliche, but I saw these two birds on a bench and couldn't help myself!

the two cutest kids ever!

Hello beautiful!

I love the colors!

Ethan getting excited to go into the reception...

love the flower in her hair...

a touching moment with Stacey her Dad!

they started off nice...but I think you can tell how it ended!

true love is so amazing!


  1. are there any pictures of Olivia? Seemed that there were pictures of the rest of the wedding party except Olivia. brenda

  2. yes, there are quite a few, this is simply a preview of the wedding. Once I'm done editing, you will be able to view them in an online gallery! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!


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