Sam | Ohio Pet Photography

Meet Sam, an adorable ten year old dog! Sam was recently diagnosed with leukemia and his owners wanted to get some pictures of him to capture his wonderful personality. We thought it would be pretty easy to capture some pics of Sam, because he's usually laying around....but he was just like a two year old, running everywhere!! He was so curious, he made my day! I hope they will look back on these pictures and smile. { May 26, 2010}


ooh, a treat!

and finally as I was walking out the door, Sam decided to lay down!


  1. Awesome! He's the best dog ever.

  2. Truly great pics, Steph. You'll be glad you have them!!

    I knew he didn't feel good Thurs. when I was at your house as he didn't jump up to say "hi" to me.

    I am truly sorry about his illness.



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