coming to a turing point....

Wow, I never usually post personal stuff, but God has been tugging on my heart for a LONG time and I can't ignore HIM anymore. My business has been growing by leaps and bounds and as greatful as I am, I am struggling to keep my head above water. My edit list is getting out of control and I'm such a perfectionist that I can't trust anyone else to edit for me, even though it would take away some of the burden. I absolutely love what I do; I love capturing priceless moments between a husband and wife and children and their parents. But as I look around my house, I find that my walls are a bit empty for a photographer, where are the priceless memories of my husband and children? Everyday my two oldest boys are asking me when I'm going to be done on the computer, and everyday I say, "just wait, I'm almost done" or "I can't right now, I'm too busy". I don't want to be that mom, I want to embrace every day with my husband and children, because in the end, that's all that matters. I had praise and worship practice tonight at church and my pastor prayed that I would be able to have balance and put my priorities in order...then on the way home I heard this song by Sanctus Real called "Lead Me". It's written from a husband's perspective, but it really touched my heart (is it a coincidence that I heard it right then? I think not...God is so intentional in HIS timing). What really pulled my heart strings was the second verse about his, please listen to it!! (you'll have to pause the music on the blog first)

So what does all of this rambling mean? It means I'm going to limit the amount of sessions I take, so I can stay on top of editing and spend time with my family. I think my client list will fall quite a bit when I tell you the next part.....I'm going to raise the price of my cd and copyright. (Yikes!!, don't hate me!!) One of the reasons I'm making this change is because, I want you to order from my lab, so you get the quality, color, and detail you deserve! I know some of you are really ticked by now, trust me I don't like change either. I haven't quite decided the details of everything, and I'm not going to do this right if you have an appointment already, dont' worry. I'm just preparing you for what's to come...I remember when AppleBees changed their honey mustard sauce and I was crazy angry because I didn't like the new one as much. But, they must have changed it because it was better for them, and a few chicken finger platters later, I was in love with the new sauce!...ok, ok, I know this is nothing like changing dipping sauces, but I'm not changing things to make you angry, I'm doing it because in the end, it will be better for all of us. This is super super duper (yep I said super duper) hard for me to do, because I want everyone to be happy and I seriously have no backbone....but I need to focus on what's best for my family. I will keep you posted on the changes I will be making. Please remember I love all of you sooooo much and it means a great deal to me when you choose me to take your pictures.


  1. First, I'm proud of you. I'd been wondering when you had any free time and family time. I am praying that your priorities, will be God first, hubby 2nd and children in a very close 3rd.
    Secondly, I actually need pictures printed from a good lab. I have been quite at a loss deciding how to handle a cd and I wasn't quite sure where to turn. I'd rather have the pictures than a cd. I'm old fashioned. I get by with technology, but I'd rather have printed material than a computer screen.
    Luv you and praying for you. I'll get back to you about getting some pictures printed.
    God will bless your obedience. I KNOW that I know that :-)

  2. I'm so proud of you. You are so right about priorities in life. I support you and your family for the decisions you make. Family first. I know God will continue to bless you. You are doing a good thing. Be proud of your decision. I love you!!!


  3. I'm proud of you too Nicole -- you can never get family time back and you'll NEVER regret your decision to spend more time with your beautiful boys :o). You are so incredibly gifted in your photo work and that won't ever ya girl!! :o)

  4. Nicole,

    I really admire your honesty, desire for balance, and keeping your priorities straight. As a fellow entrepreneur, I can definitely relate, and I often find myself in the same bind of loving what I do, but needing to give myself a reality check and realize what's important.

    Also, a couple words of business encouragement:

    1. I'm a huge control freak and perfectionist, but I'm slowly learning that outsourcing is a great way to alleviate some of the pressure.

    2. Don't worry about raising prices or changing pricing structures. You do amazing work. If you do amazing work, you'll always have clients.

    I can honestly say, seeing how the finished product turned out, Nicki and I would have gladly paid 2-3 times what we did for the gift that you've given us.

  5. Good for you! Take care of yourself. You are an amazing photographer, you will always have that talent so don't fret, take care of yourself and your family. it will all work out in the end! God will bless you :) As far as the pictures go, I don't blame you, gotta do whatcha gotta do! Too many people take advantage of photographers. I can't even get to my pictures online anymore from my wedding LOL. I have to contact her to get them. It stinks for me because i just wanted to look at them online but I understand why she does it that way :) I'm sure everyone will understand.

  6. Nicole,
    God will truly bless you for realizing the importance of doing HIS will in your life. You are a wonderful photographer and that is a gift given to you from God. Keep your head up and go love on those boys of yours! :)


  7. Wow, Nicole I don't know what to say! That really touched me and hit home for me in a little different way! (so thank you for that). I am so proud of you! I know it was a hard decision for you, but it was the RIGHT one. I've ALWAYS looked up to you, and this is why. You are a role model to me, I LOVE you soooo very much! Love, your cuz jenny

  8. You seem to be such an amazing person!The decisions you are going to make,are going to better you and your family(which is #1 priority).I am scheduled soon with you,I have been excited about this for awhile,and I still am!:)I have a job that I never get weekends off,and I now thats nothing compared to your hrs.,but every weekend is when the rest of my family is together.That has been 4yrs of missing out in the family time,so you are doing the right thing!!I am looking forward to meeting with you and I hope you can shake some smiles in my husband,he's a tough one:)I will wish the best for you! The Varner's

  9. Nicole don't ever apologize for demanding your worth. You are crazy talented lady. God will continue to bless you, I know it. And your kiddos willl love having their mommy back. Miss your face.

  10. Good for you Nicole! We still love you and your family! :)
    God Bless you,
    The Grants
    Brandon, Jenny, Hunter & Hailey

  11. Good for you girl. We still love you! You are following the true Christian way: God, Family, Career. Don't ever apologize for putting your family and your needs first. These precious boys will only be that (boys) for a few more years. Years that we don't get back as Mom's. And while we want everything now, what is most important is the time we spend with those little gifts from God. If there is anything that Rick and I can do to help you at all, you know how to find us :) God's blessings to all of you!

    Shannon Gnau

  12. Good for you. They grow up so fast and you will have so much more fun doing both things you love, being a mom and photographer. Every day we enjoy your work on our walls. You captured our kids just the way they are. Thanks for your inspiring talk. Marinke

  13. I know that must have been a difficult decision for you Nicole - but God led you in the right direction and He will continue to lead and bless you as you follow.

    You have amazing talent!!! And a wonderful family! Enjoy both and I look forward to seeing more of your work as you continue.

    Debbie Kipfer

  14. Im proud of you Hon. I after a great deal of praying left a thriving business on a leap of faith. My clients were great about it and while I lost some income there is something to be said for peace in our life and I have finally found that. I am so glad that you took this leap. If God takes you there it has to be right. Love Aunt Jackie


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