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I like metaphors...and I'm not sure if it's because I like making something small and insignificant into something more meaningful, or if it's really God trying to tell me something through the everyday motions (I'm going with the latter!). So, here it goes....

I was helping Lane brush his teeth the other day when I noticed he had a permanent tooth growing in behind his baby tooth. What in the world, I didn't know that could happen! I felt his baby teeth and they were a bit lose, but not wiggly enough to even think about coming out. So, me in my worried state, called the dentist..they said it happens sometimes, but that they would take a look at him. As I was driving to the dentist, I thought, great, they will take care of it, they'll pull out some of his baby teeth and make room for the permanent tooth. When we got there, the dentist said he didn't really like to pull baby teeth out, and that even though they weren't ready to come out, they would eventually be forced to do so because of the permanent tooth growing in behind. (of course, I'm thinking he'll just have ugly teeth the rest of his life because they'll never fall out!).
So what does a baby tooth have to do with anything?? Well, I guess the thought that was impressed on my heart was that sometimes in life we're not ready to do things, maybe it's finding a new job, telling someone about the love of God, or simply smiling at a stranger in the grocery store...but whether we're ready or not, sometimes we are forced to make changes or decisions because if we don't we'll have ugly teeth forever! I don't know what's going on in your life, maybe you are having to make some tough choices, maybe you feel like the world is falling down on you, but you can hold fast to the truth that no matter what's pushing on you, God will be there when your baby teeth fall out!


  1. Thanks Nicole!! I really needed that today :)

  2. Oh Nicole, I just love you!!!! Btw, tomorrow is my last day at work (10 years 10 months)...time for a new adventure!!!!!!

  3. Beautifully written! Very touching!


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