DIY Art!

For weeks I searched for a picture to hang above my tub (in my new bathroom my hubby built!)..but I just couldn't find what I was looking for. My husband suggested that I knew someone who could probably take a picture that I would like....oh yeah, ME! I hadn't even thought about it, I had only ever taken pics of people. So, during a family session, I snapped a few pics of these trees, and it ended up being just what I wanted. To keep the theme of the bathroom simple, I cropped three smaller images out of the big tree pic and put them above my porcelain throne. So, my challenge to you is to get your camera out and go outside and snap a few'll be surprised at what can be art! Try taking pics of trees, grass, old buildings....and if nothing turns out, at least you had fun trying!

this is a 40x30 canvas..I love it! this pic doesn't do it justice..apparently bathrooms are hard subjects to photograph!

the pics cropped out of the big picture

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