Kyle and Leslie are Married! | Ohio Wedding Photography

Meet Kyle and Leslie, an adorable couple who exchanged vows this past weekend!! It was a freezing cold day, but we braved the weather and snow to get some awesome outdoor pics. Leslie was such a trooper, she didn't even act cold...she looked stunning. Her beautiful red shoes looked amazing with my red couch...(which my assistant and I carried down a hill, woohoo!) Congrats Kyle and Leslie!!

this is one of my faves!!

Hello Beautiful!

I couldn't decide which of these next two I liked better, the color version or the black and I put both up!

Kyle and his handsome groomsmen..

Leslie and her gorgeous bridesmaids..

This tree caught my eye while we were down by the fitting!

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  1. 2 Beautiful in love people and beautiful pics to capture it WOW!!!! AWESOME!


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