True Friends buy you Snuggies!

A few months back I mentioned I was always cold when editing pics, and I was seriously considering buying a know the blanket with sleeves! Well, one of my best friends got me an early Christmas present..can you guess what is was??? Yep, you're right; I'm currently typing away while being embraced by the warmth of a Snuggie. It not only keeps me warm, but it also came with....wait for it.....a book light! I have to admit I haven't read a book in five years, but I hope I can get back into a book's sweet pages in the near future. Here's a few pics of my beautiful new Snuggie...yeah, I know you're jealous!

you'll have to excuse my hair and tired face...I haven't gotten any sleep for about...a year now!
(in case you didn't know, I'm a total dork. It's true, I was voted class clown in High School. )


  1. Parker gave me a Snuggie as a early Christmas present too!!!!

  2. haha, I have one...Leopard print baby! Sean got it for me for Valentine's Day. LOL


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