Just for Fun | Ohio Model Session

I love being a photographer...but often times I feel my creativity stops flowing and I get stuck in a rut. What better way to get myself out of a rut, than to have a photo session just for fun...no client expectations, no rules...just a session simply for myself to do whatever I wanted! I thought it would be fun to do two different styles, one vintage, one "ice princess"...but I just needed a model. I was photographing a wedding reception back in December and my eyes fell on this gorgeous gal, Taylor Vail. She was just perfect for the session I wanted to do. So, I got her name and number and the rest just fell into place. I called the amazingly talented Alex Giessler of Next Hair Salon in Van Wert to do hair and makeup...and she did not let me down. In fact, my vision would have been a failure without her talent! The owner of the salon, Jodi, was so gracious and let me use the third floor of the salon to shoot the session. I had a blast and I can't wait to take more time during the year to do more shoots like this. Here is a video I put together of some of my favorite pics from the day, along with some behind the scenes footage. Enjoy!!

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  1. This video looked like a fun photo shoot! Thanks for sharing your AMAZING work with others.


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