A Cell Phone and Bieber Fever | Ohio Teen Photography

My husband's little cousin, Audrey, is going to be fifteen! FIFTEEN! I remember taking pictures of her when she was five years old....now she's into her cell phone and has some serious "Bieber Fever"! (after looking at her posters of Justin Bieber, I would definitely have "Bieber Fever" too...he's a cutie! She reminds me of how I was with Joe McIntire from The New Kids on the Block!!...) To celebrate her upcoming birthday, we took some pics beside her mom's restaurant (The Giddy Up Grill in Payne...you should check it out!). Shout out a "happy birthday" to this pretty girl!

she can text circles around me!

I told her to kiss the poster here...I got the reaction I was looking for, too cute!

we had two cute tag-alongs with us that day, so I snapped a few pics of them too!

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