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I know I always say that God has blessed me with wonderful brides and grooms...but seriously, I AM SO BLESSED WITH AMAZING CLIENTS!! Meet Erin and Ryan, an adorable couple from Sherwood, OH. I had a blast with them last weekend as we ventured across Defiance and Sherwood. With this first set of pics, you might wonder.."why would they be eating ice cream outside in the cold?" Well, you know how you wait all winter for your favorite little mom and pop ice cream shop to open? (for me, it's Dennings in Payne, OH)...well, their favorite one just opened, so we had to stop and get some ice cream. (Ryan treated me to a delicious malt shake...thanks Ryan!)

So, now my favorite part of Erin and Ryan's story.....
They met in high school and one night Erin wrote with her finger on Ryan's dirty truck window, "I'ma marry you someday." And a few years later, here they are engaged! It just so happens that Ryan's dad drives bus for the local school, so when I saw the bus, I knew we had to do some reminiscing of the good ole' high school days!! Being on the bus brought back a ton of memories for me too, it was so fun...

Ryan proposed to Erin at the Independence Dam in almost this exact spot!

I had an awesome time with you guys and I can't wait to photograph your wedding later this summer!!

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  1. These are super cute- love love love the bus photos.


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