Cork and Amanda are Married!! | Churubusco, IN Wedding Photography

It was a cold, rainy day last Saturday, but it didn't stop Amanda and Cork from braving the elements and going outside to celebrate their awesome wedding day! I met Amanda a while back at her sister's wedding (the gorgeous Tara). Amanda is so bubbly, beautiful, and funny. Her and Cork are a perfect match for each other. We took most of the pictures before the wedding..(which was great, because the weather just kept getting worse...), and Amanda was seriously a trooper. She didn't mind she was getting wet, she was so care free...she was just awesome! Luckily we were able to take some shelter in a barn for some of the guys are wonderful, I hope you are having a blast on your honeymoon!

the couple's "first look" at each other before the wedding...


  1. These are great Nicole! The bride has SUCH pretty eyes!

  2. thanks Gail, your compliment means so much to me!


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