Marty and Shannon | Defiance, OH Engagement Photography

Meet Marty and Shannon! Marty was a groomsman in a few of the weddings I've photographed (one being his twin sister's!), so it was such an honor for me to photograph his engagement session with his beautiful fiance!! (and their wedding isn't too far away!). We traveled around Defiance (burr, it was cold, but it was fun!) and grabbed some pics before it got too dark. Marty plays the ol' guitar (I can only play two cords...but I'd love to learn more someday), so we incorporated it in a few pics.

and here's Roxy....their baby! She has spunk, let me tell you!

I'm actually afraid of heights, but I climbed this tree to get a better angle...I swear one day, I'll probably get hurt...

We finished off the session at Shannon's favorite Chinese restaurant...mmmm!

Hello beautiful!!'re not too bad yourself Marty!

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