A Hole in Their Heart | Defiance, OH Family Photography

Alicia had contacted me to take pictures of her, her husband, and their dog, Duke awhile back. As we exchanged emails, she shared with me that her and her husband have had a very difficult year. Alicia so graciously said I could share their story.....

She had a perfect pregnancy. Her thirty-seven week appointment was wonderful...everything was ready and Alicia and Eric were awaiting their precious little girl. Then at her thirty-eight week appointment, they heard the news no parents want to hear... the doctor couldn't find the baby's heartbeat. Rylee Paige was stillborn at thirty-eight weeks due to complications with the umbilical cord. I can't even imagine the pain they went through and are still going through. All I know is that Alicia and Eric are amazing people and their beautiful daughter has touched SO many lives. A woman who had lost her son heard about their story and made them a wooden heart with a small hole in it to symbolize the space in their hearts that only Rylee can fill. I was so blessed and honored to photograph them, they are truly an inspiration.


  1. Tiffany and Eric MartinezJune 19, 2011 at 7:59 PM

    Those pictures were absolutely amazing!!!! As I looked at them I wanted to cry but at the same time it was a beautiful way to remember a beautiful little girl. May God Bless your family!!!!


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