Rob and Holli | Fort Wayne, IN Wedding Photography

Say hello to my handsome cuz, Rob, and his beautiful wife Holli! They had perfect weather for their big day...the sun was shining, the birds were singing, everything was amazing. I'm so excited for this new chapter in their lives together! Rob just accepted a promotion in Las Vegas and they'll be moving shortly (which makes me proud, but at the same time sad, because I won't see them as much...but, hey...ROAD TRIP!!) Love you two and wish you the best!!

Rob's dad....My Uncle Gary, isn't he cute?


  1. I am totally reliving the night by looking at these photos! What a blast! Holli is a beautiful bride and she chose the right photographer whose wesome talent was able to capture that beauty perfectly! Much love Holli and Rob, and win big in Vegas! love, Jodi

  2. Nicole~ I'm an idiot. I just now realized you blogged us. Ha! Thank you for your kind words. We will miss you and we love you too! And....we would love for you to take a road trip here!! ;) Love the pictures and cannot wait to see the rest! You really do do amazing work Nicole. Thank you so much!! Love, Holli


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