Birthday Celebration Contest!

What better way to celebrate my upcoming birthday, than with a contest!! I thought it would be fun to see how creative you can be...I will be the big 32 (yep, I'm closer to 40 than 20...why is it my husband gets better looking as he gets older, and I just get more wrinkly?!)

So, here's the contest:

1. take a picture of something shaped in the number 32, or take a picture of 32 items...the more creative the better.
2. send me the picture at with the title "32 contest" and include your name

One image per person please and the deadline for entries is Feb 6th. All pictures will be judged by a panel and the winner will be announced on my birthday, Feb 7th.

So, what's the prize????

The winner will receive a free session (to be used this summer) and a print credit of $50!!

Let's go, let me see some 32's!!!

1 comment:

  1. What a great contest Nicole. I could use a free portrait session, we haven't had our family portraits taken in over a year. Challenge accepted!


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