Our $1426.61 Oil Change | A Personal Story

My van was over on miles and I hate taking the boys to the dealer to get an oil change, so last week after church, my husband picked up a filter and some oil so we could do it ourselves. The next evening we trekked the short mile to my parent's house to change the oil. Ricky had about thirty minutes or so to change the filter before Lane had to be dropped off at baseball practice..so I thought, what better time to delve into memory lane and get into the attic in my dad's garage...yeah, I know, it wasn't my best decision, but I thought it would be fun to look at my old toys from when I was a kid. I climbed up on my dad's boat and tried to hoist myself into the attic...um yeah, I'm not that strong, so I yelled for Ricky to come and boost me up. In the meantime the kid's were in the boat (sorry dad, I swear they didn't touch any buttons...um maybe), and they were wanting to see everything I found. I needed Ricky's help to get down, he had to finish the oil and then he loaded up the kids and took them to Lane's practice. I stayed back at my parent's to walk on the treadmill....and it wasn't more than ten minutes that I received a phone call from my hubby saying I needed to pick him up, there was something wrong with the van.....long story short, with all the chaos and rushing, my husband forgot to check to make sure he got the old filter seal off. Well, the old seal wasn't off and the new filter didn't stay on when he started driving, all the oil came and out, and the engine light came on......so, what should have only cost us around $30 for an oil change is now going to cost us roughly $1426.61 to fix the damaged motor.
So, what's the point of the story? We were pretty darn upset about the whole thing, I mean, how could one silly mistake cost that much money?? When Ricky came home from work, he told me he was complaining about it to one of his coworkers... then his coworker shared with him they just found out his wife has multiple sclerosis. After hearing about his friend's wife, Ricky felt pretty selfish complaing about money...it really put it in perspective. You see, we may have to fork out unnecessary money, but at least Ricky and I aren't sick, our children are all here and healthy, and life is pretty good. It just made me start thinking of all the ways God has blessed our lives. We take so much for granted, I even take God for granted. The first thing I want to do when something goes wrong is complain or ask God "why now" (or purchase a dozen homemade Amish cookies from the gas station up town and eat them on the four mile drive home). Instead of saying "whoa is me!", I should be saying, "thank you God!" I may not know what His purposes are when things go wrong, but I know He will use it to grow me more like Him. It's easy to praise Him when things are good, can you still praise Him when things go wrong?


  1. I don't think that there is a single person out there that has not had something similar happen and acted the same way...Most of us take God for granted, but we need to wake up...Thanks Nicole for a much needed wake up call..

  2. Great story and great way to think!! My mother-in-law said to me one day, "What if when you woke up in the morning all you had was what you had thanked God for the night before?" This is such an amazing way to think, so I try to thank God every night for all my many blessings.


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