The Start of a Tradition

     Because I had three boys, I was absolutely convinced I would not have a baby girl.  But, by the grace of God, we were blessed with Adley Rose this past October.  I'm so thrilled to create memories with my baby girl and to hopefully start some traditions that will carry on to her children. Last Sunday was hopefully the start of a new tradition....
Adley was dedicated to the Lord wearing the same gown that I wore 33 years ago.  The gown was handmade  by my talented God Mother, Deb Heath, and had been hiding in my mother's closet for this wonderful moment! If the Lord chooses to bless Adley one day with a daughter, I'm hoping she will want to carry on this tradition and have her wear it as well.  And I'm praying that one day, when I am long gone, my dress will still be worn by my beautiful great, great, great grandchildren at their dedication.

Here I am, slouched ever so wonderfully in my Grandma Webster's couch is Adley in my gown and bonnet (and gold ring I wore as well)...

isn't she precious?! ....or is it just my mommy goggles?!

 My God mother put so much detail into the talented!


  1. No, its not mother goggles. She is beautiful. You r all so blessed. Love u! Sorry i missed her dedication.

  2. Nicole, what a beautiful post with precious pictures of your sweet baby girl! It was my privilege to make your dress for your dedication especially since your talented mom could have made it!! And I was so touched to see Adley wearing it! It makes me happy knowing that you appreciate the love and time that I put into making the dress. I love you and your precious family! Aunt Deb


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