Andy and Amber | Leo, IN Engagement Session

Andy and Amber are absolutely wonderful together...and to add to their sweetness, they have a son, Mason.  Can he be any cuter?! I met up with them for some engagement/family pictures at Amber's parent's home in Leo (where their outdoor wedding will take place later this year). They were naturals in front of the camera, and I'm so pumped to see them on their wedding day. 

I love the color image, but equally love the black and you get to see both!

a little loving/slobbering on daddy!

after taking some pictures in Leo, we went downtown Fort Wayne to grab a few more...

This next image was our second attemp at making a "heart" collage...(the first time, Andy had long sleeves, so it wasn't quite as obvious it was a heart). So greatful for clients who take time out of their busy day to help me try new things! 

Leave them some love!

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