Falling prey to W.I.M.

Lately I've been suffering from a terrible thing, which I self diagnosed as W.I.M. otherwise known as Woe Is Me syndrome!  It seems I can't go two seconds without complaining about something and feeling sorry for myself. Since the birth of my fourth child, my hair has been falling out around my forehead and sides and I swear I'm going to go bald...woe is me. I've wasted hours looking online for magical cures and natural aides to help it grow back, and have let it consume too many of my thoughts...woe is me. I'm pretty sure no one notices anything until I point it out..because of course I have to point it out so they don't notice it first....makes sense right?! As if having my hair fall out isn't bad enough, my face looks like a teenager going through puberty...woe is me. I've had nice skin my entire life, now in my thirties, I break out all over...woe is me. My breasts and my belly button now share the same horizontal plane...woe is me. I get startled when I walk by the mirror and think I have a spider on my back, but then realize it's the lovely tramp stamp I got in college...woe is me. My kids tear the house apart after I just spent two hours cleaning..woe is me. I spend too many hours looking up recipes on pinterest only to get overwhelmed and call in and order a pizza...woe is me. The laundry keeps piling up and I don't know if the kids are wearing clean or dirty underwear...woe is me. I'm pretty sure there is a tiny orchestra of people with white gloves playing their little violins around me...I think I hear them now...woe is me. I know my family is sick of my disease of self pity...and quite frankly I am too. It seems that many times I get so caught up in my own little life bubble that I forget to look around me and be thankful for all I have...To look around me and see there are others who are sick and hurting... To look around me and simply smile at a stranger....to just look around ME! I find I'm a much happier person when I take the focus off myself and focus on others. I'm much happier when I take a step back from the mirror and see myself the way others do (not with a magnifying glass). I'm much happier when I stop complaining and start thanking. Do you suffer from W.I.M.? If you don't know, I'm sure a friend or family member can tell you if you do!! If you do suffer from this highly contagious disease, take a deep breath and start thanking God for all you have in your life...the only side effect is becoming happier!
Leave a comment on how you cure yourself from Woe Is Me syndrome, I'd love to hear from you.

Love your life,

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