The Best Starbucks Coffee Around

Last summer my babysitter Desi sent me a picture from Pinterest and said my daughter, Adley,  JUST HAD to be a Starbucks coffee for Halloween.  Literally, just two nights ago, my super uber duper talented mom (LINDA!!) put this adorable costume together for my little girl! (I did the Starbucks logos...I wasn't completely useless!) I had about two minutes to snap some pictures of Adley before she was DONE and wanted to go play (I'm hoping to get more tomorrow! fingers crossed!) You could most definitely do this costume with just felt and no sewing (hello glue gun and burnt fingertips!), but my mom did use her good ole sewing machine to make it pattern used, just a picture from Pinterest and some imagination (the green straw is a toilet paper roll with felt glued to it).  So....for Halloween, I will be walking around with the best (and cutest) cup of coffee ever!

I'll take mine decaf with nonfat milk and carmel syrup please! Of course I had to jump in as a barista!

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